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title: "SFR RU 93"
date: 2022-05-01T21:59:22+02:00
draft: false
tags: [receiver, radio, S.F.R, tubes]
description: 50KHz to 60MHz radio receiver.
x-state: orange
x-illustration: images/front.jpg
socialImage: images/front.jpg
layout: tech-sheet
## State
In somewhat ok shape, some knobs are broken (dismetal between gears are now fusioned), otherwise looks ok. Untested yet.
## Description
Radio Receiver by S.F.R (not the telco one, the Société Française Radio-Electrique). Use tubes. 50KHz-60MHz.
## Resources
- Some informations in french:
## Pictures
{{< gallery match="images/*.jpg" sortOrder="desc" rowHeight="150" margins="5" thumbnailResizeOptions="600x600 q90 Lanczos" showExif=false previewType="blur" embedPreview="true" >}}
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