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Update Galaxy FFR-230

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......@@ -50,3 +50,10 @@ Examples:
- Working, tests done in AM with a siggen instead of crystal.
- Some wires have been cut/desoldered ? Waiting for service manual to see.
- Horrible blue led to be replaced.
### 24/04/2022
- Disassembled the whole front panel for cleaning
- Speaker is pierced at one place, will be replaced with a <i>[GF0776M](</i> from <i>CUI Devices</i>
- The additional circuit (replacing selectivity ?) was half-wired, and needs to be reverse engineered
- The plate behind the transparent dial of the preselector is white-yellowish and cracked, will probably strip and paint with plain mate white
- The transparent front window of the preselector needs to be cleaned and re-fixed
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