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## CAT mode
Only available with OLED IO Board.
Firmware needs the following:
#define CAT 1 // CAT-interface
......@@ -13,6 +15,13 @@ NOT TESTED yet:
//#define CAT_STREAMING 1 // Extended CAT support: audio streaming over CAT, once enabled and triggered with CAT cmd, samplerate 7812Hz, 8-bit unsigned audio is sent over UART. The ";" is omited in the data-stream, and only sent to indicate the beginning and end of a CAT cmd.
### Connection
- Audio OUT (mono) to USB sound card
- Mic/Key to USB sound card: T(ip)=Key, R(ing)=Mic, S(leeve)=GND, so connect Ring and Sleeve to the soundcard
- PTT is handled by CAT, nothing specific here
### Generic settings
- TS-480
- 38400 bps
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